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Knee Joint Pain Relief with Bowen Therapy

31 July 2020

Acquiring different kinds of body pain is one of the most common things that may happen to anyone of us as we grow old. Whether it is mild or a serious one, it is the natural response of the body towards aging, especially if you have been doing tedious activities for a very long time. One part of the body that typically experiences pain is our knee joint.

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Bowen Therapy Advice: The Importance of Healthy Physical Development in Children

14 July 2020

The Bowen therapy is considered a very effective, drug-free, gentle, non-invasive  remedial therapy.  It releases stress at a very deep level, and then stimulates the body to realign, addressing imbalances in functions and chemical composition, and as far as possible restoring homeostasis. It works by putting the body and mind relax almost into sleep. This depth of relaxation allows the body to respond to the brain’s command to search for imbalances in the system and make the necessary adjustments to correct disorders. The moves also relieve pain, release energy, reduce tension, increase blood supply, improve lymphatic drainage, release toxins, and so much more.

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Favourite Side: Unexplained Pain or Discomfort

30 June 2020

What is your favourite side and un-explained pain or discomfort? There are many different kinds of issues, from “unintentionally” favouring or using one side, which is either left or right. Many people are just not worried about this until the moment the problem becomes severe.

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The Healing Effects of Bowen Therapy: How Long Does It Take To Work?

29 June 2020

Bowen therapy is a non-invasive form of bodywork or therapy that targets critical points on the body through gentle rolling hand movements. These hand movements stimulate the nervous system by focusing on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Once stimulated, this therapy then promotes pain relief by balancing, repairing, and resetting the body, specifically your muscles and organs.

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My Favourite Side – Left Side or Right Side?

22 June 2020

The theory is that people are either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of their brain is dominant. In simple words, we are either left-sided or right-sided.

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Understanding Bowen Technique Therapy

14 June 2020

One type of holistic remedial body technique that is being offered and applied by professionals to their clients is called Bowen technique therapy. This type of therapy involves gentle and relaxing, rolling hand movements that are applied to various precise points on the body. The hand movements involved utilise thumbs and forefingers, which effectively stimulate muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and skin around them, and the nervous system.

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My Personal Bowen Therapy Experience

12 June 2020

I have written this blog primarily, but not exclusively, to support other people living with persistent pain, and who are either about to attend, or currently attending any kind of pain therapist.

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