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What is the Bowen Technique

The Bowen technique is a unique holistic system of bodywork that combines osteopathic and chiropractic intent with acupoint theory.

It is also described as a diverse system of remedial bodywork that addresses the postural adaptations and common orthopedic concerns. No spine manipulation involved.

How Bowen Therapy Works

Patients often report pain or sensations in specific areas, but the pain is most likely due to a malfunction in a distant area of the body where functional asymmetry is present.

Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain - Bowen Technique Therapist Melbourne Western Suburbs
Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain - Bowen Technique Therapist Melbourne Western Suburbs
Acute Pain Management Melbourne Western Suburbs

I always receive the correct answer from the body's capacity to change itself when the correct therapeutic movement is applied.

This is the way of therapy; the assessment shows the direction of the first set of movements. Hands on therapy applies a series of movements across muscle fiber at particular acupoints. The moves are focused on a body of specific muscles and tendons to release tension, nerve pressure, circulation and energy flow within the area.

The therapist will incorporate resting periods in between a series of moves to allow the body/area to change and recover. The re-assessment will determine the next point of therapeutic action. This will affect the structural level as functional and postural adaptation contribute to an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing and therapeutic success.