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Case Studies

Case studies Melbourne Western Suburbs
Case studies Melbourne Western Suburbs


Knee Pain Treatment - Bowen Therapist Melbourne Western Suburbs

Some people suffering with knee pain just don't want to go to the doctor and get a diagnosis.

Then there are others who go to the doctor for a diagnosis, but there is no injury of any kind, because there is "nothing wrong" with their knee.  And the doctor is right. The knee is healthy. If your knee has no wear and tear or any physical damage, that knee is healthy.

Anyway, there is a hidden problem away from your knee but the knee is suffering. And the doctor is right again. You did not complain about anything else. 
You knee may be swollen, pain under the patella, pain on the left, right or back. Cannot walk properly, limping, tripping and maybe falling.

Don't settle and say "my knee will never function as I hoped it would."

The knee is a vary fascinating joint. Very strong but also very sensitive on imperfections on other areas of the body. Then again, your knee is good and healthy. Now is the time to visit Good Bowen and essentially, with the right assessment, get a diagnosis that explains where the problem is which is creating so much pain to your knee.

If you:

  • are in pain every day
  • are tired of feeling tired
  • have been to many experts, but no one’s helped you so far…

…then read every word of this page.

Because you’re going to discover something that’s helped many people get their life back from pain – and regain their high quality lifestyle. Think about it – in a year’s time you’ll be a year older and if you don’t change what you’re currently doing – you’ll be much the same. I know this, because every day I help people who’ve been in pain for years because they don’t know what to do to get better.

Right now – there’s only one way people can get my help to get out of pain.

However, so many people around have asked for my help with annoying pain. I had to have something specific for them.​ So I have the specific way to use Good Bowen technique. Right now this is the only place, that guarantees you can get my personal help with moving out of pain.

Before I tell you more about this – let me introduce myself. My name is Mr Miro Susa. I’ve been a Bowen therapist for 6 years and have experience in pain solutions. The reason I gained the first experience in treating pain is because I had some years of daily lower back/abdominal tension, hands and wrist pain with tingling fingers but not carpal tunnel. All was work related. I was finally able to rid myself of this pain and tension.

Now it’s my mission to help other people do the same.

Case studies:

Case 1: Mrs Margaret, age 86, presented complaints of weakness in both hands, Carpal tunnel & pins and needles in all fingers. She was suggested for surgery. Within eight therapies both hands were back to normal.

Case 2: Mrs Maria, age 71, presented pain and swelling all around her right knee for 6 months with a long history of knee's pain. She was also suggested for surgery. The assessment revealed that there was no problem within her knee. After four therapies, one week apart, her knee was good.